Monday, August 17, 2009

Training Recap Week 1

The first week of our trip has come to an end, a lot faster than I expected or hoped. But it has been extremely fun. The nagging injuries from training hard everyday are starting to show up, but we are all doing our best to stick it out and represent GB Culver City!

There is a greater emphasis on live rolling here. I haven’t really learned some new magical moves that are only being taught in Brazil! The moves I have seen here have been taught to all of us before. There really is no secret to getting better at Jiu Jitsu, its just mat time and good rolling. With Rabicoa we have only done 1 class with techniques. All other classes have been king of the guard/hill type drills for about an hour (if you are doing good, it sometimes feels like you are in the middle forever!) then we get to the rolling section. Most rolls are 10 minutes long. This is really damn tiring! These guys don’t like to turn on the fan! It gets really hard to breathe after you have been training for an hour. But this emphasizes technique, patience, and pacing yourself. You really can’t blow your wad all at once. You need to be able to go from a 5 to a 10 in a heart beat, and not be going 10 all the time.

What has really impressed me overall about the fighters here is their transitioning from move to move. Fights are not a really grind out one move sort of fight. When they are passing or sweeping, they try to give you a variety of techniques and move from one to the next flawlessly. Even if they are rotating the same 3 sweeps over and over, you are not going to stop them all at once. They give you various looks and combinations and transfer from each technique flawlessly.

Also the mats we are on here are HARD. Guys, we can’t complain about our mats at home, EVER! The mats at this school feel like cork with a leather blanket over them!

Wish I could type more, but am really tired! Can’t think! See you guys soon!

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